Can you force collaboration and transparency in healthcare?

March 25, 2014 | Blog | 0 comments

Across my work in healthcare, generic cialis with medical device manufacturers, industry associations, software/solutions providers and others allied to the industry, a central theme is emerging – the demand for greater transparency

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. With healthcare reform pushing provider organizations to deliver higher quality care at a lower cost, at the risk of losing reimbursement revenue, the provider organizations are, in turn, pressuring their medical/surgical product suppliers to help them ensure they are purchasing those products that will deliver the best patient outcomes for their money. To achieve this, providers and suppliers need to work within an environment of transparency and open communication that was previously unknown in the healthcare industry.

Today, there was an article from Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MDDI) on Procured Health, a new breed of technology vendor that’s capitalizing on this emerging business environment, claiming it is “demystifying the medical device landscape” by offering solutions that enable “hospital systems and caregivers to improve both clinical and financial performance by incorporating evidence into their procurement strategy, driving vendor competition where outcome differentiation is unproven, improving utilization and physician compliance, and leveraging scale.”

I’m wondering if this type of “middle-man” will foster greater collaboration and transparency between providers and suppliers – or if it will serve to fuel the traditionally adversarial relationship between the two – driving them further apart.

Kara L. Nadeau

Founder and President of KLN Communications, Inc.