The Gen X Soapbox Chronicles: Do Your Research

June 17, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments


Quick tip for public relations consultants from an editor and previous PR agency employee: Take a few minutes to look up the person you are going to pitch to find out what topics they cover/what their publication covers. Please….

When I was starting out in PR 20+ years ago, my agency literally had a closet full of Bacon’s media directories (huge paper books) that I would scour through to find the right editorial contacts for a pitch.

We also physically pasted paper news clips together to make bound media reports that we mailed to our clients, but I digress….

You’ve got it so easy today with the Internet, LinkedIn, publication websites, online media databases, etc., etc.

I cover topics related to the sterile processing of surgical instruments for a magazine read by healthcare professionals.

If you Google my name and the name of my magazine literally the first thing that comes up reads:

“Kara Nadeau is Sterile Processing Editor for Healthcare Purchasing News. More from Kara Nadeau. Sterile Processing.”

Sure I write for other companies and organizations about other topics but it is all healthcare and/or technology related.

Here are just a few of the totally off base pitches I have received in the past week for the magazine:

  • This Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Idea Will Truly Make Him Smile In Relief.

Is it a new washer/disinfector for the CS/SPD? Because that would make my readers smile…

  • STORY? How Hybrid Work Has Led to the Birth of the “Hybrid Exercise” Model.

Haven’t heard of any CS/SPD professionals working through a hybrid model. Would be challenging to assemble a surgical instrument tray virtually…

  • Timely Story: Why It’s Not So Crazy Mark Zuckerberg is Wearing Ear Protection – Expert Available.

I actually opened the email and read this pitch because the subject line was so bizarre. I regret that decision.

  • Healthy Vegan Soul Food Pioneer – Chef Rene Johnson.

Don’t even get me started on this one….

Ok, one other thing while I am on my seasoned professional Gen X soapbox:

Stop using silly social media acronyms in your story pitches. Can we maintain some level of professionalism?

Save LMK, LOL, FOMO, YOLO, etc. for WhatsApp messages to your BFF, BAE, FWB, whatever…

Kara L. Nadeau

Founder and President of KLN Communications, Inc.