The do’s and don’ts of cleaning with chemicals


Healthcare Purchasing News December 2018


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Patients expect to leave a healthcare facility healthier than when they came in, but healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and antibiotic-resistant organisms pose a real danger to patient safety and care. These dangers can come from the items used on patients (e.g., non-invasive diagnostic equipment) or in patients (e.g., surgical instruments and devices), and even those in the patient care environment (e.g., high touch surfaces, pens, cell phones).

While disinfectants and sterilants are critical weapons in a healthcare facility’s arsenal when it comes to fighting HAIs, their effectiveness comes down to a number of factors, including proper product selection, safe shipping and storage, and correct usage in conjunction with safety data sheets (SDS) and instructions for use (IFU).

We reached out to manufacturers to obtain their insights on the top factors healthcare organizations should take into consideration when selecting disinfectants and sterilants, as well as the latest trends and products in this area.