Supply Chain’s Changing Role in the Expanding Care Continuum




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As health care organizations look for ways to meaningfully impact cost, quality and outcomes, they are expanding the care delivery continuum and increasingly transitioning services out of the hospital and into non-acute settings. Today, 95 percent of patient visits take place in non-acute care facilities, from the physician’s office to patients’ homes. This volume is likely to grow as health systems turn to new models designed to impact the health of target patient populations.

Supply chain professionals have not traditionally played an active role in non-acute care settings. They are increasingly being called upon to take control of products and services in this space. Those who have expanded their responsibilities outside of the hospital report significant challenges: The non-acute space represents about two percent of spending, it generates 30 percent of their headaches due to lack of maturity in processes and technology.In an effort to meaningfully impact costs, quality and outcomes, medical services are being transitioned from the hospital into non-acute settings.

By Kara L. Nadeau, vice president and founder, KLN Communications, Inc.