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Healthcare Purchasing News October 2018


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The pressures on central sterile/sterile processing department (CS/SPD) professionals to deliver safe and effective surgical instruments to the operating room (OR) and other clinical locations are significant and are only growing as healthcare organizations attempt to deliver higher quality care at a lower cost.

While many improvements and technologies are focused on core CS/SPD processes — decontamination, cleaning, assembly and packing, sterilization — it is important not to overlook two other critical processes impacting patient care — instrument storage and transport. The practice of storing instruments until ready for use and transporting both clean and dirty instruments to and from clinical areas is one that is integral to maintaining a safe, effective and efficient care environment.

Along with some of the latest products for surgical instrument containment, storage and transport, product vendors present insights on how they are working to address the challenges that CS/SPD professionals face in these areas.