2018 AHRMM Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) Report on the Clinically Integrated Supply Chain




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Each year AHRMM assembles a task force comprised of individuals who are playing a central role in advancing the principles of the CQO Movement, both within their organizations and across the health care field. The task force is charged with providing insights and best practices of CQO in action.

The theme of this year’s CQO Report is the clinically integrated supply chain. The AHRMM Clinical Integration Task Force has defined clinical integration in terms of the health care supply chain as follows:

“An interdisciplinary partnership to deliver patient care with the highest value (high quality, best outcomes, and minimal waste at the lowest cost of care) that is achieved through assimilation and coordination of clinical and supply chain knowledge, data, and leadership toward care across the continuum that is safe, timely, evidence-based, efficient, equitable, and patient-focused.”

A poster depicting the role of supply chain in supporting the vision of clinical integration is included in the report.

This year’s task force report also includes case studies, from six different health care systems, with a focus on the role of supply chain in advancing their respective objectives. While each program is different, a closer look uncovers similarities across the case studies that can serve as guideposts for those undertaking CQO-related initiatives.