Embracing the Enemy

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When most of us think about the relationship between medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers, buy cialis we think about one party wanting to sell more and the other wanting to buy or pay less. This traditional relationship has landed us in the situation that we’re in today – with practices such as vendor credentialing and physicians offices hanging signs on doors telling device reps to “stay out.”

But in today’s economic climate, where manufacturers and healthcare providers are equally feeling the pinch, a new relationship is emerging – one of collaboration. It comes down to the fact that they need one another – manufacturers need someone to sell to and providers need products to purchase so instead of butting heads, let’s find some common ground and see how we can help each other remain financially viable

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Back in June, Karen Conway from GHX wrote an interesting blog post on collaborative efforts between providers and manufacturers to cuts costs and improve efficiency in the supply chain.  It can be found here. I’m currently working with GHX on a white paper around collaboration in the healthcare supply chain – stay tuned.

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